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For devices used in laser designation, see Laser Designator.
677px-Laser designator- SOF in Afghanistan

A Special Operations soldier doing laser designation.

Laser designation (or "laser-painting") is the use of sighting and ranging device for precision warfare. Guided ("smart") weaponry attuned to the designator can track the designated target, minimizing collateral damage and maximizing weapon efficiency.

Battlefield 2[]

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The subject of this article, Laser Designation, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

Laser designation was an intended feature in Battlefield 2. However, along with its related gadget, the feature was cut. The player would use the LP7 laser designator to guide missiles to their target.

Battlefield 3[]

Laser designation is a feature in Battlefield 3 that is only done on vehicles through a variety of gadgets. Once targeted, a red dot and diamond will appear on the intended target, visible by the spotter and any weapon carriers, as well as aircraft and tanks.

The spotter earns 10 points for designating a target, regardless of whether it is attacked or not. The spotter also earns points whenever a designated target is struck with guided weaponry, and if it is destroyed.


Certain gadgets and specializations provide target designation:

Similar to glint from high-powered rifle scopes, lasers can be spotted from a distance as a red glint.

Guided weaponry[]

Various weapons can be guided by laser designation:

Battlefield 4[]

Laser designation returns in Battlefield 4 as a means of guiding weaponry onto vehicle targets.

Players earn 25 points upon designating a target, and also earn points for the percentage of damage done to the target (50% damage dealt = 50 points), and 100 points if the target is destroyed. The Laser Guided missiles available on some vehicles combine both designation and guided weaponry in one slot.

The laser-assisted guided missile will continue homing on its target even after the laser designator stops painting.


Guided weaponry[]