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For the cut item from Battlefield 2, see LP7, which is sometimes referred to as "laser painter"

A laser painter is a device that provides a reference for guided weaponry or other precision tasks.

Battlefield 3[edit | edit source]

"Nose-mounted targeting systems designate an enemy vehicle in your line of sight automatically, painting them as a target for teammates using laser-guided weapons."

— Battlelog description

Laser Painter is a specialization available for helicopters. It allows the pilot to designate targets for guided weaponry. Combined with Guided Missiles in Attack Helicopters, this allows a helicopter team to independently attack enemy vehicles with extremely damaging laser designated weaponry, as a hit will disable any armored ground vehicle and destroy other air vehicles. The CITV Station in Main Battle Tanks provides a similar feature.

In attack helicopters the Laser Painter is a nose-mounted laser designator module that automatically laser paints vehicles (empty and enemy) within the pilot's reticle (and by extension the axis of the aircraft).

For scout helicopters, the September 2012 patch moved the gadget to the copilot seat (4th position), and is activated by pressing Gadget 2. It provides a 240° field of view, standard day optics, and combination zoom/thermal imaging. This change prevents solo pilots from using guided missiles on their own laser locks. However, other passengers carrying Javelins can now attack the designated target, provided it is on their side of the aircraft. (Passengers cannot turn far enough to engage the pilot's target.)

As of April 2013, Battlelog currently does NOT show the Laser Painter as one of the unlockables for the scout helicopter: it still requires a total of 40,000 points, placing it between Below Radar (32,000 points) and ECM Jammer (48,000 points), giving these upgrades an 8000 points interval.

As with the SOFLAM and CITV station, the Laser Painter will appear as a red glint on the helicopter from the potential target's point of view.

Laser designating an enemy vehicle will give the player a Target Designated bonus upon a successful lock. The player will also receive a Designated Target Hit bonus corresponding to the amount of damage the vehicle received.

Keys[edit | edit source]

Scout Helicopter (4th seat)[edit | edit source]

Gadget 1
Soldier view
Gadget 2
Laser Painter

While using laser painter[edit | edit source]

Secondary fire
Toggle between day optics, normal FOV; and thermal optics, zoomed view
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