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A S&W .357 Magnum with a laser sight attached. (turned off)

The laser has in most firearms applications been used as a tool to enhance the targeting of other weapon systems. For example, a laser sight is a small, usually visible-light laser placed on a handgun or a rifle and aligned to emit a beam parallel to the barrel. Since a laser beam has low divergence, the laser light appears as a small spot even at long distances; the user places the spot on the desired target and the barrel of the gun is aligned (but not necessarily compensating for bullet drop or the target moving while the bullet travels).

The Laser Sight appears as a weapon attachment in Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield Hardline, modeled after the AN/PEQ-2.

Battlefield 3[]

"The Laser Sight adds a visible laser aiming dot to the weapon which increases accuracy from the hip. The Laser Sight can dazzle enemies when turned on, but also reveals your position."

— In-game description

The Laser Sight is a secondary weapon attachment in Battlefield 3. When attached to a weapon, it slightly improves weapon accuracy while hip-firing. Additionally, it can be used to blind targets when aiming at them, however it tends to reveal your position. This can be countered by turning the laser off using the Toggle Weapon Light key, at a cost to hipfire accuracy.

When equipped on the weapon the laser sight for the US side appears to be on the right hand side of the weapon very close to the barrel whereas on the RU side the laser sight is attached on the left hand side of the weapon closer to the scope/iron sights of the weapon. The Laser Sight is also a default attachment for the G17 (normal and suppressed). The P90 and PDW-R have a cosmetically different model for their attached laser sight, a tube connected by cable to a power supply.

PC players have the ability to keybind Toggle Weapon Light to the same key used for Zoom, allowing the laser to be turned off while aiming down sight.


Battlefield 4[]

"Bright red laser sight improves Hip Fire via a 33% reduction in the hip fire penalty. Can blind enemies at moderate ranges."

— In-game description

The Laser Sight returns in Battlefield 4 as weapon attachment for both primary and secondary weapons. It also accompanied two other laser attachments, the Green Laser Sight, which uses a green beam as opposed to a red one, and the Tri Beam Laser, which emits three smaller red lasers. The standard Laser Sight is unlocked through standard weapon progression, and the Green and Tri Beam lasers are unlocked through Battlepacks. Another laser attachment, the Laser-Light Combo, is also available, giving the user access to both a laser and Flashlight.

All three function identically by providing a 33% increase in hipfire accuracy, giving the player an advantage in close quarters. Like the Laser sight in Battlefield 3, the lasers can be used to blind targets by aiming at them and can still be toggled off with the Toggle Weapon Light key to avoid detection.

The three lasers differ in mostly cosmetic ways. All three use a different model, save the pistol versions of the red and green lasers, and the Green and Tri Beam lasers are higher intensity than the standard Laser Sight, making them much more noticeable for the player as well as enemies.

On certain primary weapons where the laser is not mounted a side rail, like pump-action shotguns, the handgun variant of the standard and green laser sight is used instead of their respective primary variants.


Image Name Description Information Unlocked
Greenlaser bf4.png Green Laser Sight (Primary) High intensity, high visibility green laser sight improves Hip Fire via a 25% reduction in the hip fire penalty. Can blind enemies at moderate ranges. Emits high visibility green laser. Battlepacks
Laser tribeam bf4.png Tri Beam Laser Triple Beam laser sight that provides the normal benefits of a laser sight, but with three individual dots for rapid sight acquisition. Emits three small red lasers. Battlepacks
BF4 pistollaser.png Green Laser Sight (Handgun) High intensity, high visibility green laser sight improves Hip Fire via a 25% reduction in the hip fire penalty. Can blind enemies at moderate ranges. Pistol variant of Green Laser Sight. Shares the model of the standard pistol Laser Sight. Battlepacks


Laser Sight[]

Green Laser Sight[]

Tri Beam Laser[]


Battlefield Hardline[]

"Bright red laser sight improves unaimed fire, making shots more predictable."

— Battlelog description

The Laser Sight is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield Hardline. The variants seen are similar to those of Battlefield 4.


Battlefield 4[]

  • The UTS-15 has a built-in laser and flashlight module, but is only used when a Laser Sight, Flashlight, or Laser-Light Combo is equipped on the weapon.
  • The JGM-4 is modeled with its built in laser on its left side, but is unusable on the attachment.
  • Strangely, the Tri Beam Laser for Pistols is modeled after Surefire X300 weapon light.
  • The Railgun has a blue laser sight