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"Anti-Personnel Mine that detonates when the laser tripline is broken. Can be placed on any available surface in arm's reach. Capable of taking down all but the most heavily armored personnel."

— Beta in-game description

The Laser Tripmine is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline issued to the Professional kit. It is an anti-personnel mine that uses a laser tripmine for detonation.

The device can be stuck onto a surface within the player's reach and will emit its laser shortly after being placed. It will not be detonated by the player who placed the charge or his teammates if they break the laser, only an enemy player crossing through the laser or being destroyed by gunfire or explosives will detonate the mine. The mine's high damage is capable of killing most players who detonate it and heavily damaging those nearby. Like the Breaching Charge, Laser Tripmines can be picked up and placed elsewhere by the player they belong to by holding down Reload while near them.

The laser, however, is very short and the device itself is fairly noticeable when attached to a surface, so placement is something to take into account when using the mine. Effective positions are areas are sharp corners and in high traffic areas where a player may not immediately check his path before proceeding.


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