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"This is not a trial, you are guilty! I know how your fucking story ends!"

— Agent Whistler to Blackburn.

Agent Whistler (or Agent W.[1]) is a character featured in Battlefield 3. He is one of the government agents interrogating Sergeant Henry Blackburn, accompanied by Agent Gordon during cutscenes in the Battlefield 3 Single Player campaign.


Interrogation of Blackburn

After Sergeant Blackburn was put in custody for killing his Commanding Officer, Captain Cole, two CIA agents, named Whistler and Gordon, came in and interrogated him about a man named Solomon's alleged plot to detonate a nuclear device in Times Square and trigger a war between Russia and the United States. After bringing in Blackburn's squadmate David Montes to incriminate Blackburn, he received a call about a hijacked subway train, leaving the office. Blackburn managed to coordinate an escape with Montes' help, incapacitating Whistler and an armed guard in the process.


He spends most of his time during the interrogation antagonizing Blackburn and could be considered the "bad cop" to Gordon's calm "good cop" attitude. He has an impatient and mistrusting attitude towards Blackburn.


  • Outside of cutscenes, he appears during a Quick Time Event in The Great Destroyer. In the event, Blackburn has to knock out Whistler by slamming his head on the table, and then incapacitate an armed guard with the legs of the table. Failing to respond to the quick-time event for Whistler results in him slamming Blackburn's head on the table repeatedly.
  • His voice and appearance are provided by Thor Edgell.
  • His name is only mentioned in a loading screen tip for The Great Destroyer. In the credits, he is only referred to as "Agent W." The same also happens for Gordon.


  1. As seen on a loading screen text on the mission, The Great Destroyer and also on the credits.

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