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Flag of Bolivia (state)

The flag of Bolivia, seen used by the Latin American Militia in Bolivia

The Latin American Militia[1] (Spanish: Milicia de América Latina) is an enemy faction encountered in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. They reside in various parts of South America with many strongholds. They are hired and supplied by the Russian Military, and Colonel Kirilenko is their commander. They are heavily armed and are well trained, as they prove a threat to the player. They take direct orders from Kirilenko, and seem to be a real, official militia.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]


Latin American Militia under command of Kirilenko.


A militiaman attacking Preston Marlowe.

The Latin American Militia are only found in the single player mode of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. They speak Spanish and use improvised uniforms, wearing civilian clothing, along with bandanas, balaclavas and cowboy hats, however sporting modern bulletproof vests and modern weapons, largely of Russian, Chinese and European origin.

There are several types of militia members:

  • Assault - standard infantry. They wear tan clothing and khaki vests. Some of them wear red bandanas around their heads and have a short moustache. Assaults use the AEK-971 with an underbarrel GP-30.
  • Engineer - they wear dark blue clothing, vests, balaclavas and bandanas on their necks. They use TOZ-194 shotguns as their primary weapons. Some of them use the M2 Carl Gustav launcher and MP443 pistols instead of T194.
  • Medic - they wear light olive clothing, tan vests and cowboy hats, and have full beards. They mainly use the QJY-88. There is another, very rare variant of medic. They wear officer caps, have a moustache and use the MG3 With a Red Dot Sight Or a Iron Sight. In Heart Of Darkness And Upriver They Use QJY-88 With a Red Dot Sight
  • Recon - they wear tan clothing, vests and officer caps. They use either the M95 or a QBU-88.
  • Officer - they wear dark tan jackets, dark blue trousers and brown officer caps. They are better skilled than other militiamen. They use either an AEK-971 with a Red Dot Sight or the F2000 With Red Dot Sight.


The Latin American Militia appear in many of the missions in South America and are first encountered during Heart of Darkness.


Infantry Weapons[]

The Latin American Militia uses similar equipment to the Russian Military.

Assault Rifles[]
Light Machine Guns[]
Sniper Rifles[]
Rocket/Grenade Launchers[]


The Latin American Militia uses vehicles supplied from the Russian Military.

Light Vehicles[]
Armored Vehicles[]
Naval Vessels[]



  • In the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, there exists a character skin that equates to each of the different multiplayer skins, with the exception of the Recon kit.
  • Their voices are provided by Carlos Cortiglia, Eliud Porras, Carlos Maita and Taris Wilson.
  • The "Medic" (The one with a cowboy hat) has a repair tool attached to his belt.
  • Latin American Militia voices are identical to Russian quotes, just literally translated into Spanish. They even use the same radio callsigns, such as Silver One (Serebro Odin in Russian, Plata Uno in Spanish) or Wolf Three (Volk Tri, Lobo Tres).


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