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"Service with Integrity"

— The Law Enforcement mantra as seen on their emblem.

"To Protect & Serve"

— The Law Enforcement motto as seen on police vehicles.

Law enforcement broadly refers to any system by which some members of society act in an organized manner to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating or punishing persons who violate the rules and norms governing that society.

SWAT ("Special Weapons And Tactics") is the name for law enforcement units which use military-style light weapons, armored vehicles, and specialized tactics in high-risk operations that fall outside of the capabilities of regular uniformed police, such as hostage-rescues, counter-terrorism, confrontations with armed robbers and other tasks that normal uniformed police force wouldn't be able to fulfill with with as low as possible damage to property or people.

Battlefield Hardline[]

Law Enforcement is a faction featured in Battlefield Hardline, opposing the Criminals in the multiplayer. They represent the multitude of federal and regional police forces across the United States, and have access to weapons such as the M16A3 and R700 LTR, as well as military-grade vehicles such as the Armored Rescue Vehicle and Patrol Helicopter. Their non-specific portrayal allows them to represent various law enforcement agencies based on the map's location. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department is featured on Bank Job, while the Miami Police Department is featured on Code Blue.

The appearance of the police varies by map. On most urban maps, such as Downtown and The Block, they wear heavy SWAT gear, such as helmets and combat vests. This team is known as SWAT in the customization menu.

On other maps, such as Everglades, Dust Bowl and Growhouse, they wear plainclothes with department-issued jackets/vests, giving a more lightly-armored appearance that can be harder to tell from the Criminals at a quick glance. This team is known as Undercover.


While both Law Enforcement and Criminals start off with the same default weapons, certain purchasable weapons are exclusive to Law Enforcement until a Weapon License is earned for the weapon, when it will then be accessible to the Criminals as well. Weapons earned through Assignments are immediately available to both factions, while purchasable all-kit weapons are also faction-neutral.

All Kits[]

Image Name
BFHL FN57.png FN57
BFHL Skorpion.png Dual VZ .61
R0933 .300 blk.png RO933 .300 BLK
BFHL M1A1.png M1A1
BFHL M1.png M1
M110ks.png M110K5
BFHL MP7.png MP7
BFHL 1887.png 1887
BFHL M1903.png M1903
BFHL A8S.png A 8S
BFHL Elephant.png Mammoth Gun
BFHL Lewis.png Syndicate Gun


Image Name
BFHL RO933.png RO933 (Default)
BFHL M16A3.png M16A3
BFHL ARM.png ARM (Assignment)
BFHL L85A2.png L85A2 (Battlepack)
BFHL MDC.png MDC (Robbery)
BFHL SAR21.png SAR-21
BFHL RPK74.png RPK-74
BFHL SG553.png SG553
BFHL G36C.png G36C
BFHL ACWR.png ACWR (Battlepack)
BFHL CAR556.png CAR-556 (Battlepack)
BFHL 92FS.png 92FS (Default)
Bfhl p226.png P226
BFHL G18.png G17 (Assignment)


Image Name
BFHL MP5K.png MP5K (Default)
Bfhl mpx.png MPX
Bfhl k10.png K10
Bfhl m-45.png M/45
BFHL Scorpion.png Scorpion
BFHL MX4.png MX4
Bfhl fmg9.png FMG-9 (Assignment)
BFHL MP5N.png M5 Navy (Getaway)
BFHL M12s.png M12S (Getaway)
BFHL sw38.png .38 Snub (Default)
BFHL 357RS.png .357 RS
BFHL 410jury.png .410 Jury (Assignment)


Image Name
BFHL 870.png 870P Magnum (Default)
Bfhl ithaca 37.png 37 Stakeout
BFHL Saiga12.png Saiga 12
BFHL M1014.png M4
BFHL doublebarrel.png Double-Barrel Shotgun (Assignment)
KSG12.png KSG12 (Criminal Activity)
BFHL M39.png M39 EMR
BFHL SG510.png SG510 (Criminal Activity)
BFHL 45T.png 45T (Default)
BFHL M1911.png M1911A1
BFHL Bald Eagle.png.png Bald Eagle (Assignment)


Image Name
BFHL ScoutElite.png Scout Elite (Default)
BFHL R700LTR.png R700 LTR
BFHL 300KO.png .300 Knockout (Assignment)
BFHL M98B.png M98B
BFHL Socom16.png SOCOM 16
BFHL SR25.png SR-25 ECC
BFHL M82.png M82 .416
BFHL Fnar.png SP-AR
BFHL G18.png G18C (Default)
BFHL 93R.png 93R
BFHL Mac10.png MAC-10 (Assignment)
BFHL Mp9.png MP9


The following are the vehicles used by Law Enforcement Agents in multiplayer. Most of the vehicles have a black and white paintjob by default, and unlike their Criminal counterparts, their car horns are replaced with police lights and sirens (In the case of the Transport Helicopter and Inshore Patrol Vessel, a speaker ordering the Criminals to surrender plays instead). The civilian vehicles, the Utility Van, Fuel Tanker, Airboat, Hearse, and Snowmobile can also be used by Law Enforcement.

Image Name
BFHL policemotorcycle lineart.png Police Motorcycle
BFHL OffroadPatrolBike.png Offroad Patrol Bike
BFHL squadcar lineart.png Squad Car
BFHL PerformanceSedan lineart.png Performance Sedan
BFHL interceptor lineart.png Police Interceptor
BFHL Pickuptruck.png Police Truck (Robbery)
BFHL interventionsuv lineart.png Intervention SUV
BFHL armoredrescuevehicle lineart.png Armored Rescue Vehicle
BFHL mobilecommandpost lineart.png Mobile Command Post
BFHL InshorePatrolVessel.png Inshore Patrol Vessel
BFHL patrolchopper lineart.png Patrol Helicopter
BFHL transportchopper lineart.png Transport Helicopter
BFHL ScoutHeli.png Pursuit Helicopter (Robbery)





  • They are the third police force to appear in the Battlefield series, the first is the National Police from Battlefield 3, and the second is the Ministry of Public Security from Battlefield 4.
    • It is also the first playable police force in the Battlefield series.
  • In the game's alpha, the Law Enforcement emblem was originally a badge that was modeled differently from the current iteration as evidenced in the gamemode tutorial videos that could be accessed through the in-game menu.
  • The badge from the alpha had a bird on top of it with the words "DETECTIVE" and "POLICE" written on it.
  • Cops can spot donuts as an easter egg.
  • In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, only the SWAT voice lines are used