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"You see, I think you finally figured out who you really are... You're just like me. More criminal than cop."

Dawes to Nick when he confronts him at his office

Legacy is the tenth and final episode of the single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline. Nick sets out to meet with Dawes on his private island, to settle their vendetta for good. [1]


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"You're convinced that you're just one of the
good guys, aren't you? There's no such thing, son."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield Hardline.

Following on directly from the previous episode, the gang draw up to the island in the boat. Khai wants to go with Nick to get revenge on Dawes, but Nick tells her to take Tyson to a black market doctor to treat his wounds, since Boomer does not have the underworld medical contacts that she does. Nick says goodbye to the rest of his gang, and sets off through the island, either defeating or sneaking past Dawes's guards, while taunting Dawes through a radio seized from a guard.

Nick finally arrives at Dawes's mansion. After sneaking past or defeating the final sets of guards, he discovers Dawes in a small annex overlooking the ocean, writing a letter.

Nick holds Dawes at gunpoint, Dawes asks Nick about what he really wants, saying that had Nick merely wanted revenge, he would already have killed him. Dawes asks Nick to become his business partner in Preferred Outcomes, pointing out that having exposed the company's flaws so constantly, Nick is the ideal man to fix these issues. When Nick asks Dawes why on earth he would want to work with him, Dawes tells Nick that his ruthlessness has led him to be more "criminal than cop". Dawes then points out that the true reason Nick sent his friends away at the beginning of the episode was because of that ruthless streak

Nick, agreeing that he is no longer the morality-driven cop that he used to be, shoots Dawes in the chest. A dying Dawes taunts Nick about his mother, and Nick then shoots Dawes in the temple, killing him. Nick then reads the letter Dawes had been writing, and also finds a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase, leading to a vault.

In the letter, Dawes tells he framed Nick because he saw him as a "good guy" and non-realist. He also tells Nick that there is no way of reversing Dawes's work: too many politicians, too many police officers and military members, and too many criminals have allreadily agreed to using Preferred Outcomes. Too much money and too many reputations are at stake for Nick to be able to reverse this.Dawes also says that his work needs a successor, and gives Nick his fortune to continue his work. Nick enters the vault, full of money, gold bars and jewelry. The final words of Dawes's letter - and of the game itself - are of Dawes asking Nick what will he do with this fortune.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Served Cold Served Cold Complete Episode 10: Legacy 20 Bronze Trophy
Social Climber Social Climber Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Legacy 25 Silver Trophy When the player gets to the fork on the road on the way to the mansion, they should go left until they see a sign that leads to the bungalows near the beach. Instead of going to the bungalows, follow the dirt track until they see two criminals at the end. Once the player takes care of them, there is a Tactical Gear box nearby. If the player doesn't already have it equipped, they should equip the Grappling Hook from the box. Above the box, there is a balcony that the player can fire the grappling hook on to climb it. Afterwards, there is another balcony above, in which the player has to fire another grappling hook and climb it up there. The achievement/trophy will be awarded once the player gets off the grappling hook and into the mansion's side yard.
Dare Devil Dare Devil Jump the Dirt Bike into the Mansion grounds in Legacy 25 Silver Trophy Near the base with the three windmills and a radio antenna, there is a cliff side that the player should walk up. At the top there is a helipad with a mobile crane nearby. If the player looks behind themselves, they can see a bridge with a hut at the end. If the player crosses the bridge and jumps down from the hut, they can find the Dirt Bike. If the player drives straight, they will come off a ramp and into the front yard of the mansion, awarding them the achievement/trophy.
Case Closed Case Closed Complete all Single player episodes on Officer difficulty 25 Silver Trophy
Super Cop Super Cop Complete all Single player episodes on Veteran difficulty 25 Silver Trophy
Blue Eagle Blue Eagle Complete all Single player episodes on Hardline difficulty 50 Gold Trophy
Bring 'em to Justice Bring 'em to Justice Capture all Warrants Alive in Single player 25 Silver Trophy
World's Greatest Detective World's Greatest Detective Complete all Case Files in Single player 50 Gold Trophy



  • The song at the beginning of the episode when Nick gets off the boat is "I Ride at Dawn" by Ben Harper.[2] [3]
  • In the area where a Dirt Bike can be found, on the boxes next to it there is an unusable M1911A1.
  • In one of the houses, there is a miniature statue of of a Marker, which is a reference to Dead Space, which was also developed by Visceral Games.[4] [5]

    Marker easter egg

  • Dawes' note can be read with the scanner while it is sitting on the desk. The wording matches the narration almost exactly, except that where Dawes says "a realist" the note instead reads "pragmatic".
  • There is a chance that there will be 5-6 guards with shotguns at the last door before entering Dawes's office.
  • The player can stealth through the entire mission, passing through guards and using the grappling hook and zipline toward the end.