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For the default ranks, see Battlefield Hardline online ranks
"Become Legendary"

— Official tagline

Legendary Status

Legendary Status is a gameplay option introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion for Battlefield Premium members and Robbery expansion owners. Similar to Prestige Mode in the Call of Duty franchise, it allows for replayability of the game's progression system after obtaining the max rank of 150. There are currently 15 levels of Legendary mode.[1]


  • Allows further progression through the games' leveling system
  • Ability to obtain exclusive Legendary rewards
  • Displays epic status on Killcard and Scoreboard
  • Each ranks adds a slight permanent cash bonus in order to make it easier to obtain levels
  • Unlocks all Headgear for use
  • Effectively makes 2400 ranks available to players


  • Requires rank 150 in order to achieve
  • Requires ownership of Battlefield Hardline: Robbery in order to obtain
  • Every rank resets all progression on all unlocks including weapons, gadgets, and attachments, including those obtained through Battlepacks. This does not include items such as emblems, patches, camouflages, unopened battlepacks, and weapons obtained through pre-order bonuses and Shortcut kits.
  • Legendary Status benefits are mostly cosmetic in order to balance gameplay
  • Unable to earn re-earn rank based battlepacks, dependent on awards, weapons, etc.


Rank Image $ Req Unlocks
#1 BFHL LG 1 All Headgear
#2 BFHL LG 2
#3 BFHL LG 3
#4 BFHL LG 4
#5 BFHL LG 5
#6 BFHL LG 6
#7 BFHL LG 7
#8 BFHL LG 8
#9 BFHL LG 9
#10 BFHL LG 10
#11 BFHL LG 11
#12 BFHL LG 12
#13 BFHL LG 13
#14 BFHL LG 14
#15 BFHL LG 15


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