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The Legionnaire is the main antagonist featured in Battlefield: Bad Company. He is the leader of the Legionnaire Mercenaries, who are said to be the most powerful military organization in the world.


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"Truckasaurus Rex here I come!"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield: Bad Company.

The Russians hired him and his organization to aid in the conflict against the United States. He is a very shadowy figure and not much is known about him, thus creating myths and legends of his wealth, one being that he pays all of his mercenaries in Gold. This myth is what leads Bravo-One Charlie to try and find his stash of gold after Haggard finds a gold bar in the pocket of a dead Legionnaire mercenary in Welcome to Bad Company. This initiates the search for the Legionnaire's gold. The squad believes him to be dead after Preston had shot his helicopter down with an M2 Carl Gustav, but he was later shown to have survived.



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