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The Legionnaire Mercenaries are a group of elite mercenaries and an enemy faction that are encountered throughout Battlefield: Bad Company. They are led by the Legionnaire.

Battlefield: Bad Company


In Battlefield: Bad Company, they are dressed in all-black with a mask over their faces and a helmet with goggles. They are hired by the Middle Eastern Coalition, the Russian Federation, and Serdaristan. Sweetwater explains to Bad Company that they are the deadliest army in the world, and how they are always paid in gold bars. Their motto is "Acta non Verba" meaning action not words in Latin. If one stops at certain points in the game (mainly at the Legionnaire symbols), Sweetwater will explain that they are somewhat of a myth and a legend only known by the "spooks" in the intelligence community. He will go on to explain that a French Foreign Legion platoon was on a patrol in Africa, when they stumbled on a hidden cache of Nazi gold. The future leader of the Legion conspires with those loyal to him and he kills his platoon's commanding officer and any who did not agree with them. The rest of his platoon take the gold, go rogue and become mercenaries. This explains why the soldiers seem so diverse, how they can afford all their equipment, why they are so highly trained and why they only wish to be paid in gold.

The Legionnaire Mercenaries are the hardest enemies to beat in the entire game, as they are highly-trained. They are most-likely from Europe, since they all have Scottish, French, German, and Russian accents but they always speak in English. They are presumably defeated after Preston Marlowe shoots down the Legionnaire's Ka-52, but he is not killed, so the Mercenaries may still be a viable faction to be featured in a future game of the Bad Company series.

Engagements against the 222nd Army Battalion


The Legionnaire Mercenaries use new, high-tech weaponry, as well as vehicles provided from their employers.

Infantry Weapons

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Compact Assault Rifles


Light Machine Guns


Grenade Launchers



Light Vehicles/APCs



Naval Vessels


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