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Bank Job
  • A section of the roof above the vault can collapse down into the vault, causing an air conditioning unit to fall in too.
  • Various doors throughout the bank can be opened and closed.
  • Once the vault is opened, it can be closed from within and opened again from the outside with green little buttons.
  • A wall in the back of the vault can be blown open from the inside or alternatively from the cafe behind the bank.
  • Doors in the parking garage north of the bank can be opened and closed.
  • There is also a working elevator on the bottom floor of the garage that goes all the way to the top.


  • The crane at the construction site can be brought down on the buildings just north of them, creating new paths into them. It can be brought down by destroying the three cable restrainers on street level.
  • Most of the parking lots around the map have bollards that can be lowered and raised.
  • There are two pillars under the elevated road that can be destroyed, causing part of the elevated road to collapse. These pillars are the ones with scaffolding on them.
  • Some of the buildings (including the two that are affected by the crane's collapse) in the centre of the map have elevators that either go to the top of the skyscraper, or one or two floors below the roof.
  • The stairs to the roofs of many buildings have doors that can be opened or closed.

Dust Bowl

  • A major sandstorm will roll in part way through the match. It will eventually leave, letting the map be sunny again.
  • In the south of the map, there is a large mansion complex (Meth Complex in Conquest Modes) which has a huge amount of explosive barrels in the basement. Shooting at these will blow a huge hole in the north side of the house.
  • At this same house, you can open the garage door with a button on the inside.
  • At the Motel, there are various doors that can be opened and closed.
  • The Gas Station also has doors that can be opened and closed

Robbery Edit

The Docks

  • Construction cranes holding cargo crates can be destroyed by hitting them in an specific area. The resulting destruction creates new pathways for players to use.

Getaway Edit

Pacific Highway

  • Trees may be destroyed and used to create new paths.
  • A deadly rock slide can be triggered, burying enemies.
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