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The Lewes Bomb was a blast-incendiary field expedient explosive device that was primarily used by the Special Air Service during World War II to destroy parked enemy aircraft. Invented by Lieutenant Jock Lewes of the SAS, it was created by mixing diesel oil and Nobel 808 plastic explosive. The major advantage of a Lewes Bomb was that it was light enough to be carried by a small group of soldiers yet powerful enough to destroy targets. Comparably, however, the detonators were known to be unreliable due to environmental factors such as rain, heat, or dirt.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

A specialized version of the Lewes Bomb, known as Safecracker Specials appear in the chapter "Crossing Lines" of the Under No Flag singleplayer war story.

Created by Billy Bridger, they are used by George Mason and himself in their mission to destroy parked aircraft at a German airfield in North Africa. Bridger is seen planting the explosive on the wing of a parked Ju-87 Stuka in a hangar. While Mason is successful in destroying a parked plane with the explosive, Bridger's bomb fails to detonate and falls over the plane, allowing it to take off and engage in combat against the two men. Later, in the chapter "Butcher and Bolt", Bridger is seen using Lewes Bombs to destroy German supply dumps, vehicles, and radar facilities.



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