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The Liberation of Caen was one of the biggest battles of the Normandy campaign, pitching Allied liberators against German forces in occupied France. It is a map featured in Battlefield 1942, added in Patch 1.6.


The only map to feature the Canadian forces, the Canadians must launch an attack from their unconquerable base upon the five conquerable German positions, one on the Canadian side of the canal, one at Pegasus bridge and the other three in the town of Caen.

In addition to their unconquerable base, Canadian forces can utilize a paratroop spawn point on the Caen side of the canal once they have captured the South River control point.


800px-Flag of Canada 1921.svg Canadian Army
Light vehicle(s)

Lynx scout car



Medium tank(s)


Self-propelled artillery





M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933 Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)




Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV



Canadian Base[]

The Canadian Base is where the Canadian Army will spawn at. It is unconquerable and is accessible by two bridges. The layout is a simple brown building that spawns a Sexton, an Sherman and a Lynx outside.

South River[]

This is an artillery base, there is a repair station near the tank spawn. It also spawns a mobile artillery unit, a scout car and a medium tank. There's a two-story building that holds a medical cabinet and an ammunition crate on the bottom floor. The upper floor consists of a bedroom where snipers can fire on Canadian or German attackers. Near the base are two commando rafts which only spawn when the flag is controlled by the Canadians. Two MG emplacements can be found here, one overlooking the artillery in a guard tower, while the other is in a bunker overlooking the raft spawn position.

If this is captured by the Canadian forces, they will gain access to a paradrop spawn point on the northern side of the river.

Pegasus Bridge[]

This base consists of artillery and MG emplacements.  There is a medical cabinet in the two-story building, on the bottom floor, and a supply crate near the Kettenkrad/Lynx spawn point in the grey-stone building.


Located in the eastern part of the city, The Park is blocked off to vehicles by buildings and roadblocks and can be only accessed by a small opening near the German HQ. Its capture radius is in the open, so beware of snipers or soldiers opening fire out of windows, alleyways and buildings.



The church Spawn under Canadian control

The Church point is located in the western part of the map. Players can snipe from the belfry and can pick off any attackers that try to capture the flag. There is plenty of cover behind gravestones and the wreckage of aircraft. 

German Headquarters[]

This is the German main base. It spawns the only vehicles besides the South Base. It spawns a Hanomag, two medium tanks and a light vehicle. Its capture radius is in a small garden surrounded by a fence.