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Livens Projector IRL

A Livens Projector during World War I

The Livens Projector was a simple mortar-like weapon that could throw large drums filled with flammable or toxic chemicals. Created by British Army officer Captain William H. Livens during World War I, the Livens Projector became the Army's standard means of delivering gas in 1916. Combining the advantages of gas cylinders and shells by firing a cylinder tank at the enemy, it consisted of a simple metal pipe that was set in a ground at a 45-degree angle. While many specification varied, the 8-inch barrel became standard in April 1917.

Despite its uses, the Livens Projector was somewhat unreliable due to the potential for short and their inaccuracy. It remained in the arsenal of the British Army until the early years of World War II. The Liven's Projector provided Germany with inspiration for a similar device, Gaswurfminen.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Livens Projector is an emplacement introduced in the Battlefield 1: Apocalypse expansion for the British Army. The Gaswurfminen is the German variant of the weapon available for the German and Austro-Hungarian factions.[1]

Both weapons are triggered by an emplaced detonator, usually with a red signaling light nearby. When ready, the signaling light will light up. After activation, the weapon takes two minutes to reload.[2] Activating the weapon launches a barrage of gas shells towards a pre-set target point. They explode upon hitting the ground, with the shells dealing splash damage to infantry and potentially damaging structures and light cover. The shells then release a gas cloud similar to a Gas Grenade, which will do damage to enemies not using a Gas Mask over time. The gas typically disperses in less than a minute. Due to the large number of shells fired (twenty per volley), the gas cloud can cover a large area, usually completely covering the capture point the projector is aimed at.


Map Game Mode Location
Passchendaele Conquest Located in a small camp near German spawn. Aimed at point E (Adlers Ridge).
River Somme Conquest Assault Located in a trench near British spawn. Aimed at point A (Wellington Farm).
Caporetto Conquest Assault (the Gaswurfminen on control points only become available when the Austro-Hungarian team is in control of the point)

  1. Located near Austro-Hungarian spawn. Aimed at point A (Aurora Lookout)
  2. Located near point A (Aurora Lookout). Aimed at point B (Castello di Solkan)
  3. Located near point B (Castello di Solkan). Aimed at point C (Blood Creek)
  4. Located near point C (Blood Creek). Aimed at point D (Trama Redoubt)
  5. Located near point D (Trama Redoubt). Aimed at point E (Capello Grove)


Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
BF1 Advanced Studies Advanced Studies Perform 1 kill with the Livens Projector 25G Bronze Trophy


  • On Caporetto and Passchendaele, all kills with the Gaswurfminen are credited to the "Livens Projector" despite being called the Gaswurfminen when prompted to use it.