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Lives of the Children is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Turning Point of The Last Tiger War Story.


Headmaster Kasche,

I wanted to give you my notice at the school personally, but I am afraid that time no longer permits, and I feel that it has become important for me to leave without delay.

A part of me admires your determination to keep the wheels of education turning as if all is usual, but the fact is, nothing is usual here, nor has it been for quite some time. I fear that all of us - myself included - have become so horribly skilled at looking the other way, that we can no longer recognize facts when they present themselves, when they are right under our noses.

I have taught the lessons I have been asked to teach. I have pretended not to see certain things, perhaps to the point where I genuinely did not see them anymore. I do not claim to be innocent. God knows, I am not. I do not look too closely into the shadowy parts of myself, as I fear I could never unsee what resides there. Denial is a powerful state, and one that we have practiced both individually, and as a nation, for so long that we have forgotten any other way.

I know this much, however. Even if the wireless will not admit it, and even if it is treacherous to say so, the war is not going well for Germany. Before long, our enemies will push back our army into this very city, and the fighting will come here. Yes, Otto, it CAN happen and I very much believe it WILL happen. Do not let your patriotism blind you to the facts. Do not tell the parents to continue their lives here as normal, and that all will be well. The lives of the children under your care now depend on you displaying a level of judgement and pragmatism that has been sorely lacking in all of our instituations for too long.

I pray that you listen, and I hope you do not think too badly of me.

With all kinds regards

Mrs Fischer