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Louise is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. She is known to be Kovic's girlfriend, as Kovic often thinks of her when in tight situations. She lives in Shanghai with Kovic, being described as neither American nor Chinese and the only thing that has made life there bearable for Kovic.


Louise is from London, Britain. The colliding cultures and ongoing duel of past and future in Shanghai, China led Louise to move there where she taught English to Chinese business men for their jobs. She later met Kovic at a sports bar in Pudong where she bluntly asked him if he would like to have sex. The two later moved in together in an apartment in the French Concessions in Shanghai. Due to the nature of his job, Kovic withheld not only his real job form Louise but also his real name, claiming he worked as Commercial Liaison for the State Department.

Countdown to War[]

Following the failure of Kovic's mission at the Chinese/North Korean border, it was revealed that he had missed Louise birthday. While Kovic had given her knotted silver and amber earring for her birthday, he hadn't included any other romance with it, leading Louise to become upset after Kovic returned from his failed mission.

Louise was also fed up with Kovic's constant lies as well as the fact that when he actually was spending time with her he still wasn't really there. Desperate, Kovic claimed it would not be like that forever, that the situation would change but both Louise and Kovic knew better, leading Louise to end their relationship and leave the apartment with her things.

Louise was later revealed to have returned to the apartment, only to find Kovic absent from it. Tsu Yuntao made a hit on Kovic, with the hit man tasked to shoot and kill Kovic while he was asleep in his apartment. With the deed supposedly done, Cutler had the hit man make it seem like a suicide by lighting the building on fire.

Unbeknownst, however, Louise had been the one sleeping in the bedroom when the hit had taken place, not Kovic. Since Kovic never registered her as his significant other, her existence as his girlfriend was unknown.

Following Kovic's detention by Hannah of the Ministry of State Security, Kovic was escorted back to his apartment to gather his personal belongings as well as some hygienics. As they arrived at the apartment however, Kovic found it ablaze. As Kovic investigated the scene, however, the glint of Louise's earrings caught his eye. Kovic was horrified to find her body in the apartment.