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Low On Antiseptics is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Butcher and Bolt of the Under No Flag War Story.


Dear Sir,

Please excuse the lack of formalities but I must write to you again about the stocking of the hospital. The situation in the village has become frankly dire.

We have ran out of bandages completely and are using any old sheets the nurses can find and cut up for the purpose. We are running dangerously low on antiseptics and are using plain water and hoping for the best.

As for anesthetic, we are doing it with such a ration that the hospital rings out morning, noon and night with the pain of our injured men.

I appreciate resources are stretched to breaking point but I implore you, send us something. We have not had a delivery of supplies for a month now and the staff are starting to lose hope in the mounting work they face everyday.

Please, send us bandages, blankets, painkillers, antiseptics, anything you have. We need everything and are rapidly approaching a situation where we have nothing.


Captain Augsburg