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Lunar Landing is a map in featured in Battlefield Heroes and was released on April 18th, 2012. The map is unique as being the only map in the Battlefield series not taking place on Earth. As a result, gameplay is affected by the decreased gravity of the moon.

Capture the FlagEdit

National BaseEdit

National TrenchesEdit

Left FlankEdit

Midfield CratersEdit

The Craters are one of the few covers from snipers, and also serves as great ambush place. Usually, you can earn Volley Shots there easily. It's also the most contested part of Lunar Landing, with easy access from all sides. Faction that controls this place will be most likey under constant pressure, due to value of the craters cover.

Midfield TrenchEdit

The trench is sneaky place that is often outside the battlefield, but it's preferred by commandos who stole flags. Anyone in is in high danger, because there is absolutely no cover. Upper trench is located over high moon mountain, and it's mid-contested place. Both left and right flank goes into this open location with several stones and shuttles as small cover. This is the general area for quick capture focused team, as it provides raither easy escapes.

Right FlankEdit

Royal TrenchesEdit

Royal BaseEdit