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Not to be confused with the M110 SASS.

M107 Firing Vietnam 2

The M110 in real life

The M110 is a self-propelled gun featured in Battlefield Vietnam. The M110 was used extensively by the United States Army during the Vietnam War. It saw very limited action, only in the Vietnam conflict and several Israeli battles. Though the United States no longer use this weapon, the M110 is still in use by several different countries including Turkey. It was an effective weapon against North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong compounds.

Battlefield Vietnam Edit

BFV M107 Self-Propelled Gun

The M-110 on Fall of Saigon.

The M-110 is a self-propelled gun used by the MACVSOG in Battlefield Vietnam. It has moderate speed and can only support a crew of two, the driver and gunner, both of whom are exposed to enemy fire. It has a slow rate of fire and does not have a secondary armament, making it a difficult weapon to use against infantry up-close. Being an artillery piece, it can fire at faraway locations, with help from players spotting targets using Binoculars.


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