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The M-19 revolver in real life

The Model 19 is a .357 Magnum revolver designed in 1957 by American firearms company, Smith & Wesson, based on their K-frame series of medium framed revolvers, with a 6-inch barrel length. It was designed to improve previously designed .357 Magnum pistols by making it smaller and lighter.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

In Battlefield Vietnam, the M-19 is the standard sidearm issued to the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. It has a 6-round cylinder capacity, medium recoil, high damage, a medium rate of fire and medium-high accuracy. It's the most powerful pistol in the game, requiring 1-2 shots to kill, or a single head shot. Unlike the TT-33 or M1911, it can be much more reliable, as it has higher accuracy and much higher damage, despite having a lower rate of fire and medium level of recoil. Sometimes, it can even beat semi-automatic or automatic weapons in close quarters. It's also a fairly good choice for medium to long range combat, as although it has a considerable amount of recoil, it has excellent accuracy.


  • The M-19 is referred to as 44magnum in the game files.