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M-COM stations are minor objectives in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, with twenty-two M-COMs hidden throughout the campaign in total. They are linked to three achievements/trophies. There are no M-COM stations in Operation Aurora, Cold War, Force Multiplier, or Airborne.

Heart of Darkness[]

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Heart of Darkness 1 After running aground and being ambushed, head forward and go up the hill either side of the big tree instead of bearing right. The M-COM station is at the top inside a small wooden hut. Sarge will give an audio cue to destroy it.
Heart of Darkness 2 Just before reaching Flynn's weapon cache, on the main route.


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Upriver 1 After leaving the sniper nest, cross the river and head for the building second from the west on the other side. The M-COM is inside.
Upriver 2 After assaulting Upriver, the M-COM is located inside the building behind the MG-Tower, to the South West.

Crack the Sky[]

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Crack the Sky 1 After killing the MG head to the left and go up the steps leading East. The M-COM is inside the building at the top.
Crack the Sky 2 Before taking the jeep, enter the building to its left, the M-COM is inside at the Northern end.


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Snowblind 1 After being separated from the squad, head down the snowy slope, keeping in the middle between the buildings, keep going till there is a small wooden hut to the player's right with the M-COM inside.
Snowblind 2 Head from heat source to heat source until reaching a small stone bridge, enter the first building on the right from the door on the left side, then double back and climb the ladder in the room with the bathtub. The M-COM is on the roof.

Heavy Metal[]

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Heavy Metal 1 Just after dealing with the first TOW launchers, before entering the UAV, face east and head towards the large wind turbine and sand bagged area. The M-COM is just behind these
Heavy Metal 2 After leaving the tank for the second time, and have come under fire from the armored MG position, head into one of the last houses on the left with a band of red around the bottom and a wooden shelter outside. The M-COM is just inside.

High Value Target[]

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High Value Target 1 After leaving the Humvee, there will be an ammo resupply crate just inside the village. Head past this, and the building in front of it. The M-COM will be in the open on the player's right.
High Value Target 2 Head through the bombardment. After seeing a tunnel, and some enemies in the water, the M-COM is just to the left beforehand.

Sangre Del Toro[]

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Sangre Del Toro 1 Head toward Base Station Charlie (top left of map) until attacked by two choppers, the M-COM is on circular rampart to the right of the TOW launcher.
Sangre Del Toro 2 After fighting through some of Base Station Bravo (middle of map) the squad will head up some stairs. Go up the first flight, then go to the right and there is an archway with the second stairs. Go up the first part of the stairs, turn 180 degrees, then keep to the right and make way to the small room on the left. The M-COM is inside.
Sangre Del Toro 3 After surviving the ambush at Base Station Alpha's roadblock, head just past the blockage, and go immediately to the left, there is a small metal shelter with a mobile generator and the M-COM inside.
Sangre Del Toro 4 Fight toward Base Station Alpha, and look at Sarge during the cutscene. Afterwards, turn roughly 60 degrees left and the M-COM is directly ahead.

No One Gets Left Behind[]

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No One Gets Left Behind 1 After landing with the parachute and leaving the forest, there will be a few wooden buildings in front of the player. Just to the left of them is the first M-COM.
No One Gets Left Behind 2 After defending the two houses from the attack, head forward and Sweetwater will order to take point. Enemies will attack from the right. The M-COM is in this building. Deal with the enemy, jump the fence, and crawl under the building to access it.
No One Gets Left Behind 3 After meeting up with the rest of the squad and deciding to save Flynn, a large base can be seen up ahead. Towards the back are five personnel sleeping quarters, the one at the back right (from the perspective of the overlook) has the third M-COM inside.
No One Gets Left Behind 4 After saving Flynn from the hangar, before jumping onto the ATV, turn left and there will be another sleeping quarters. The M-COM is inside.

Zero Dark Thirty[]

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Zero Dark Thirty 1 After passing the first ammo resupply crate and dealing with the first attackers of the level, there will be two small wooden huts in front, just to the left of these, hidden in the bushes at the base of the rock face, is the first M-COM.
Zero Dark Thirty 2 Survive the mortar fire and head toward the canal. Once there turn left and face down the canal, the second M-COM on the right hand side of the canal floor.
Zero Dark Thirty 3 After heading further down the canal and defeating the snipers in the building, head under it to see a yellow bus. Fend off the wave of enemies, and go under it. The M-COM is again on the right side of the canal floor, just past the bus.
Zero Dark Thirty 4 After going through the hole in the wall and being blinded, exit and the final M-COM station will be on the left