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The Carl Gustav M/45, also known by its nickname the Swedish K, is a Swedish submachine gun developed by the Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori (English: Rifle Factory of Carl Gustaf's town) state arsenal in 1945. The weapon was the standard submachine gun of the Swedish Army from 1945 to the late 1990s, when it was phased out in favor of the Ak 4 assault rifle. The weapon saw considerable use by US Navy SEALs during the Vietnam War, who favored its ability to fire immediately after leaving water.

It was praised for its reliability, simplicity and ease of use, though most models lack a proper securing-system and military models are only able to fire in fully automatic, but the M/45B police variant is capable of selective fire between single shot and full auto.

The M/45B appears in Battlefield Hardline as the M/45.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"The M/45 was developed at the end of World War II, but this variant has been updated for modern modularity. With a comparatively low cyclic rate, the M/45 is relatively easy to control."

— In-game description

The M/45 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Hardline.


The M/45 is found on Gator Bait atop of wooden platforms inside of the Everglades. It may be obtained by utilizing ziplines to reach the platform. Afterwards, it may be used in any mission.


The M/45 is a purchasable submachine gun for the Law Enforcement Mechanic. Its low rate of fire and medium power make it easy to keep on target. However, it is relatively inaccurate and has a short range, limiting its overall effectiveness.

It is similar overall to the Criminals' UZI, but has more recoil. However, the M/45 is very inexpensive at only $9,000, which can make it a practical choice for a player with a limited budget. Its main advantages over the default MP5K are that it has a larger magazine, and is easier to conserve ammo with.



  • Because the weapon is an open bolt design, the M/45 lacks the +1 in the chamber; this doesn't seem to have been fixed in singleplayer though.
  • Like the M12S, the M/45's bolt is pulled back at the start of its empty reload rather than at the end of it due to being an open-bolt weapon.
  • During the Open Beta, the M/45 was originally a Criminal weapon, but was switched to Law Enforcement following the Beta, with Criminals instead getting the UMP-45. This was likely due to Law Enforcement not having a low-recoil weapon like the UZI, and that the Criminal Mechanic weapons were all low damage and low recoil guns, so the switch helped balance out the gap between the two faction's weapons.[1]


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