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The M1014 is a shotgun featured in Battlefield 4.


The M1014 is unlocked by completing the Silver assignment in Tashgar by scoring 10,000 points. HOLO, No Accessories, Compensator and 12 Gauge Buckshot. It sports an ERDL Desert finish.


The M1014 is a semi-automatic, tubular magazine fed shotgun unlocked after the 870 MCS by achieving 11,000 shotgun score. The M1014 possess the lowest damage profile, equivalent to the Saiga 12K and DBV-12 but possess the tightest spread over range and the 2nd fastest rate of fire, behind the QBS-09 and only 10 rounds a minute faster than the Saiga 12K and DBV-12.

As the weapon is tube fed, it takes little time to reload the weapon and immediately begin firing again.

The M1014 unlocks the US attachments, with Russian and Chinese Attachments unlocked in Battlepacks.