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Not to be confused with the MAC-10

An M10 Wolverine on display at the Aberdean Proving Grounds in real life

The M10 Wolverine was an American tank destroyer designed in 1942 and produced during World War II. It was used by American and British forces in Europe and North Africa in response to the heavily armored German tanks. It was armed with a 76.2mm main cannon, and an M2HB co-axial machine gun. It also had between 57.2mm and 9mm armor, depending on the different areas of the vehicle.

Battlefield 1942[]

In Battlefield 1942, the M10 is the heavy tank of the United States Army and British Army, as well as the Free French Forces in the Road to Rome expansion pack. It has space for one player, who drives the vehicle and controls a powerful main cannon with 30 rounds in reserve and a co-axial machine gun with 400 rounds in reserve.

The tank acts as a tank destroyer as its main gun can destroy Scout Cars and APCs in one shot regardless of where it hits. Medium tanks take two shots, or one shot in the rear, making flanking with it devastating against medium tanks. Heavy tanks take three to two shots. The machine gun is great for killing infantry and softening aircraft. The main gun is useful for vehicles, but also serves purpose in flushing out or killing entrenched infantry. Other tanks and Anti-Tank units may provide sufficient backup as needed against other tanks.

Its shell has a noticeable arc at long range; compensation must be made by leading the target and aiming high to ensure a hit.

The armor is strong enough to survive two directly impacted bombs.

Battlefield 2042[]

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The M10 Wolverine is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042 in the Battlefield Portal. It functions in a similar manner to its counterpart in Battlefield 1942.