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The Remington Model 11-87, is a gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun, first announced in 1987. The weapon is based upon the Remington Model 1100. Like the Model 1100, the M11-87 has a mechanism which reduces recoil that would be otherwise present (stretching the force out over a much longer period of time than fixed-breech shotguns). The M11-87 can fire 12g and 20g, and is capable of firing most types of loads.

The Model 11-87 appears in Battlefield 2 as the M11-87. Despite its name, the weapon is modeled after the Model 870 and functions as a pump-action shotgun in-game.

Battlefield 2[]

"This pump-action, magazine fed shotgun takes six shots plus one in the chamber. It uses 12 gauge Magnum ammunition and comes with a rubber padded buttstock to reduce recoil."

— In-game description

The M11-87 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2, issued to the USMC and US Navy SEALs Engineer kit. It is one of the two pump-action shotguns in the game, the other being the PLA NOR982; their stats are identical.

As with its counterpart, the M11-87 deals enough damage to kill two enemies at close range and is capable of potentially dealing a large amount of damage even out to its maximum range. Its rate of fire and reload speed are both on the slower end of the spectrum, however.


3D Modelling[]