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800px-USAF M113 APC at Camp Bucca, Iraq

A modern-day M113.

The M113 is an American armored personnel carrier developed by BAE Systems and put into service in 1960. It is seen in Battlefield Vietnam.

Battlefield VietnamEdit


An M113 in Operation Irving.

The M113 is operated by US and ARVN forces in Battlefield Vietnam. It can seat up to six people: 1 driver, 1 gunner and 4 passengers. It's amphibious and well armored but the gunner and driver are exposed, and its only armament is a single M2 Browning machine gun which overheats after extended firing.

The M113's real gift is the fact that the four passengers in the back are not only completely protected, but they also have access to unlimited ammunition and medical supplies. It should usually be kept slightly back out of large battles or choke point battles, but in a place where access is easy for wounded soldiers.



  • There's a glitch with the M113, where when firing an explosive, such as an M79 or LAW, into the back around the door you will kill the player in the 5th or 6th position without destroying the M113.
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