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This weapon makes an appearance in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 aboard the UH-60 Black Hawk. It has an extremely high rate of fire and surprisingly good accuracy, however, it is far easier to shoot someone when out of zoom to account for the movement of the helicopter. Also, the miniguns are capable of destroying every destructible piece of cover in the game, allowing the use of Destruction 2.0 with relative ease. Surprisingly these miniguns can damage and even destroy light tanks like the BMD-3 or Bradley.



  • If a player gently squeezes the RT Trigger on Xbox 360 or lightly taps the R1 button every 2 seconds on PlayStation 3, the gun will 'spool up' and begin firing but the gun itself will spin very slowly. This has no effect on the gun's capabilities, but can be used to lessen the time required to fire the gun.
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