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The M134 Minigun returns to make an appearance in Battlefield 3. It is seen in Kaffarov mounted on his personal KA-60 Kasatka. It is usable in multiplayer, mounted on the UH-1Y Venom, Ka-60 Kasatka and AH-6 Little Bird. It does not need to be spun up to fire and is a good weapon to use against infantry, but it can overheat if fired too long. It fires 2000 rounds per minute and causes moderate damage to other helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. It is also capable of damaging ground vehicles, including armor.

For Transport Helicopters, the side-mounted M134 Miniguns are particularly devastating when the Pilot and Gunner(s) are working together. The Pilot and Gunner(s) can opt to perform strafing runs by encircling positions with a heavy enemy infantry presence whilst opening fire with the mounted guns, resulting in the racking-up of high kills. The M134 Miniguns perform more effectively when closer to the target(s) at low altitudes. Pilots, however, must bear in mind the increased vulnerability from ground fire such as machine guns artillery shells guided/unguided rockets/missiles fired towards the aircraft.


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