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"The classic American work horse, having seen action all over the world for many decades. Its accuracy and handling are a true legacy of old American rifle traditions."

— In game description.

The M16 is an assault rifle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


In singleplayer, the M16 can be taken from fallen Legionnaire Mercenaries in the final assault on Serdar's palace, in the mission Par for the Course, and as a collectible on Crash and Grab.


In multiplayer, the M16 is an unlockable issued to the Assault kit. The M16 is fully automatic and has a 50-round magazine with 150 rounds in reserve, like all assault rifles in the game. It has a low rate of fire compared to other assault rifles, but this is balanced by high damage and accuracy. Even with its low rate of fire, its high damage can best most automatic weapons in close quarters. It also has the default M203, which has a faster reload than the GP-30 or XM320 grenade launchers.

There is an "M16 Trophy" awarded once a player achieves six kills with the M16 in a round. This trophy is usually accompanied by the 'Assault Rifle Efficiency' trophy when awarded.



  • When the M16's grenade launcher is fired, the player model does not have their finger on the trigger of the M203 in both third and first person. This is the same with the M416.