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Similar to Battlefield 3, multiple variants of the M16 are used within Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042[]

"This version comes with an upgraded rail interface system and is capable of Automatic and Semi-Automatic fire. Chambered for 5.56mm and has a 30 round magazine."

— In-game description

Ported from the Battlefield 3 era of Portal, this M16A3 is the variant that is utilized by 2042 soldiers. It is attained by earning 100 Kills with the M16A3 in Portal and SFAR-M GL, plus 30 kills with any UBGL. Versus its version from Portal, the 2042 M16A3 can mount a mix of futuristic and present attachments.

Alongside the adjusted vault weapons, the M16A3 has lost a grand majority of its unique attachments (Flash Hider, Heavy Barrel, BF3 Vertical Grip, etc) and instead gained tech such as Extended Mags, 2042 underbarrels, muzzles and sights while keeping attachments such as its Kobra sight, M26 MASS, M320 (and their various ammo types). The attachments retained from the Portal are all unlocked by default.

With its base 74 meter 5 hit kill range, simple recoil pattern and fast 800 RPM rate of fire. The M16A3 remains a constant threat at close to long range. However, its spread pattern exacerbates the need to burst at a range.

With it losing all of its original muzzle attachments, the ARCOM Muzzle Brake and 6KU Suppressor (or even its default factory barrel) are the safest ones can use on the M16 as they don't interfere with its capabilities. ARCOM eliminating its horizontal shake almost entirely with a minor vertical recoil increase, and 6KU acting like the base factory barrel except suppressed. However, when shooting from a long distance, it is still necessary to consider the Tactical Compensator that increases accuracy.

Laser Sight and its brother, the STNR Laser Sight can be used for enhanced close range effectiveness. If one does not desire this and wants range. Its BCG Light Grip can be used to extend its range and makes its spread less of a hassle to deal with. If its hipfire penalty is undesired, Its LWG Grip or Cobra Grip may suffice depending on one's playstyle.

The M16A3's biggest downside with its spread is its below average reload speed with its default 30 round mag, Its 40 round mag will take much longer to reload, making this vulnerability easier to be exploited much easier by the myriad of other close quarter dominant weapons making positioning, awareness and a good side arm essential when using this. However, a seasoned player will find that these benefits far outweigh the downsides and adjust their playstyle around it.

A less obvious advantage is that, the M16A3 still has a large amount of reserve ammunition after being adjusted, far exceeding the weapons in the base game. For example, M5A3 is 124 + 31 at default, while M16A3 is 217 + 31. Making it a great all class weapon since resupplies will not be constantly required. This can be pushed even further with Assault proficiency, As it will push it up to an extreme 600 rounds in reserve, Making resupplies rarely needed.

Overall as of Season 5, the M16A3 is an extremely solid choice for an aggressive player looking to move on from the M5A3 as it provides more range in trade for fire rate.

Battlefield Portal[]

Two versions of the M16 appear in Battlefield Portal, the M16A2 from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the M16A3 from Battlefield 3, the latter can be equipped with skins in the collection.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

"The classic M16 assault rifle has three round burst fire, 30 round capacity and a full range of optics and underbarrel attachments to meet most combat needs."

— In-game description

Battlefield 3[]

"This version comes with an upgraded rail interface system and is capable of Automatic and Semi-Automatic fire. Chambered for 5.56mm and has a 30 round magazine."

— In-game description

The M26 MASS was introduced in Update 2.1.