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The M18 Recoilless Rifle is a shoulder-fired launcher used against armored vehicles and heavy cover that was made by the United States during World War II and the Korean War. It fires 57mm high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds and can penetrate up to 64mm of armor.

Battlefield 1943Edit

The M18 Recoilless Rifle is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1943, issued to the USMC Infantry Kit and to the IJN Infantry kit.

Its performance is decent against tanks as it can take around 3 frontal hits or 2 hits to the back just to destroy one. It also has a noticeable arc when shot, requiring one to compensate when firing at long range.

Against infantry, the rocket needs to hit very close to the target in order to get a kill as the detonation radius is very small. Each kit comes with a maximum of 3 rounds. Once all are used, the amount "regenerates".


Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit


An IJN soldier using a Type 18 Recoilless Rifle in Operation Aurora.

The Type 18 Recoilless Rifle makes an appearance during the escape sequence in Operation Aurora in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by IJN infantry. At least three soldiers attempt to hit the player's Type 95 Kurogane with it. It is not available to use by the player.


  • When compared to the Rifle Grenade, the M18 does much more damage to tanks, yet less to enemies. This is reasonable because the M18 puts the same damage in a smaller area, making the power of this weapon much more dense.
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