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"When people think of a .45, they often imagine the M1911 automatic pistol. Designed before World War I, they were so popular in World War II multiple gun manufacturers were needed to meet the demand."

— In-game description

The M1911 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V.


The M1911 is used by the player in the 1944 section of the prologue My Country Calling as their secondary weapon during the bridge defense sequence and as a last resort weapon after the V-1 Rocket strike. In Under No Flag, the weapon appears as George Mason's secondary weapon, and features most prominently in cutscenes.

The M1911 Suppressed, can be found throughout the War Stories as a means of dispatching enemies without raising an alarm.


Out of the secondary weapons available in multiplayer, the M1911 deals the second highest damage in its class, only behind the Mk VI Revolver. This allows the pistol to kill a full health opponent in three body shots, or one body shot and one headshot, when at close range. However, the pistol only maintains this potential within a small distance, as damage output drops off sharply after 12m, becoming a four-hit kill. The weapon also has the smallest capacity of the magazine-fed pistols. Muzzle velocity is average for its category at 250 m/s, as is vertical recoil and reload speed.

In addition to the standard M1911, two variants of the weapon are also available in multiplayer.

The M1911 Suppressed variant was introduced to multiplayer in the 2020 Summer Update, obtained by logging in before July 2nd, 2020. Although statistically is identical to the M1911, the attached suppressor quietens the muzzle report of shots, hides the directional damage indicator for enemy players when they are hit, and prevents it from altering enemies in Combined Arms.

The M1911 Silver Plated is a version of the M1911 with a unique appearance, available only to players with EA Access and Origin Access. It is statistically identical to the standard M1911.



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