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Three variants of the M1911 are available in Battlefield Play4Free.


"A favorite sidearm among special forces this 10 round semi-automatic pistol boasts a .45 caliber stopping power, enabling the operator to dispose of an opponent with lethal close range fire."

— In-game description

The M1911 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It is aesthetically similar to the iterations found in other Battlefield games. However, its firecap is significantly lower and its firing sound is nearly identical to that of the M9 in the same game. It does, however, pack more punch per bullet, at the cost of a 7-round-magazine.


Veteran's M1911Edit

"The veteran's version comes with increased fire power and extended mag size."

— In-game Description

The Veteran's M1911 comes with increased fire power, killing in 3-5 body shots, and extended magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The gun has a very rugged appearance and shows heavy use and comes at the cost of 750 PF4 Credits per day or 1869 P4F Funds for unlimited use.

It, along with a Veteran's weapon (depending on your class) and 25 each of Field Bandages and Adrenaline Shots were included in the New Recruit Kit deal for every class at the cost of 1475 PF4 Credits.


Elite's M1911Edit

"The elite's variety of this weapon comes with even more firepower and larger mag size compared the veteran's version."

— In-game Description

The Elite's M1911 is an even further improved version of the M1911, with higher damage, larger magazine and cleaner appearance. The gun costs 1500 PF4 Credits per day or 3749 P4F Funds for unlimited use.


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