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The M1919 Browning was an American general purpose machine gun designed in 1919 by John Browning, as an air-cooled development of the earlier M1917 Browning. It was a belt fed machine gun, usually used mounted on a bipod or tripod. During World War II, it fired .30 caliber rounds, and had a rate of fire of around 500 rounds per minute, with an effective range of over a kilometer. It was used mostly by American forces, but also to many other Allied nations.

Battlefield 1942

In the expansion pack Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, the .30 Caliber Browning (labeled in the game files as M1919A4) appears on the SAS Willy exclusively in Raid on Agheila for the passenger seat.

Battlefield Vietnam

M1919 browning first appears in Battlefield Vietnam. A Dual-M1919 is mounted on front of P.B.R. It is very effective, however it has limited ammunation and is prone to overheating.

Battlefield 1943

The M1919 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1943. A stationary, turret-mounted heavy machine gun, it can be found on emplacements and on many vehicles such as Jeeps, Boats and Tanks. It is very powerful, capable of killing in only a few shots and has an extraordinary range and accuracy, due to small cross hairs, for an automatic weapon. It does eventually overheat after prolonged continuous fire. When used on boats and tanks, it has a protective, tall ballistic shield that covers the left and right sides of the weapon, which helps protect the user from enemy small arms fire, especially from sniper fire. However, the users head still prominently sticks out of the turret, which still makes them a potential target.

The M1919 can damage light vehicles like jeeps, boats and planes, but it takes many shots to fully destroy such vehicles.


Battlefield Heroes

"Need to clear out a trench of hostiles? This is the gun for the job! If you can hold it steady, that is."

— In-Game Description

The M1919 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Heroes as the The Anchor Drop for Royal Army Gunners. It was released as a part of the WW2 theme map Inland Invasion like D-Day or Normandy. The weapon iself is basically just another reskin of the "Super Default MG" with added recoil and better critical hit damage. The M1919 appears to be the mounted wing gun on the Royal Army's Spitfire, modified for the Royal Air Force named Browning .303 Mk II.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The M1919 is a weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It is seen briefly on the opening mission, Operation Aurora. It is mounted on Type 95 Kuroganes during the car chase segment. It is one of the three weapons available during Operation Aurora. It can also be seen used by a Japanese soldier before entering the sub pens.

Its appearance has changed, but its performance is very similar to that of Battlefield 1943. It has a moderate rate of fire, very high damage, good accuracy due to small cross hairs. With continuous fire, it eventually overheats for a short moment.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the M1919 is mounted on the M151 and the Patrol Boat River. It is accessed by sitting in the gunner's seat of said vehicles. A dual M1919 is found and used in the first gunner seat of the PBR, whilst the second gunner's seat has only one, but with a ballistic shield on it.

Despite the dual and single M1919s differing in appearance and sound, their stats are identical, and have the same damage and rate of fire. The only difference is that the dual M1919's create miniature shockwaves and can cut foliage and send loose objects flying.


Battlefield V

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The .303 Machine Gun is the standard machine gun for the Spitfire and Blenheim. Both vehicles feature vehicle specializations for the different variants of the Spitfire and Blenheim that increases the number of .303 Machine Gun weaponry available, subsequently increasing damage output.



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