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Darne MG IRL

A French Darne Machine Gun

The M1922 Darne machine gun is a French machine gun that was produced by the firearm company Darne. Developed and tested by the French Army in 1916 it did not see action in World War I due the war ending before production contracts could be signed. Despite this, an aircraft weapon was adopted by the French and other countries. It was replaced by the MAC 1934 in the 1930s although the French Navy continued to used them during World War II. Nazi Germany was also known to have used the weapon during the German occupation of 1943. The Darne machine gun was gas operated, firing from open bolt in full automatic only. The breech was locked by tilting the rear part of the bolt up into the mortise cut in the roof of receiver. It also had an unusual belt feed between the gas piston and barrel, using the two-stage cartridge feed system.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

"The French never got to field their Modèle 33 light machine gun during World War I. Many variants lived on into World War II however, where they were mainly used in the French Navy."

— In-game description

The M1922 MG is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in the second Tides of War chapter, Lightning Strikes and can be unlocked for the Support kit upon completion of the week four challenges.