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For the Battlefield 1942 weapon, see Johnson LMG.

The M1941 Johnson Rifle was an American semi-automatic rifle designed by Melvin Johnson prior to World War II. The weapon was notable for having short recoil operation and a rotary 10-round magazine. Although rejected for large scale US use in favor of the already adopted M1 Garand, it was used by the United States Marine Corps Paramarines.

Battlefield V[]

"A semi-automatic rifle that featured a rotating bolt and a cylindrical magazine. The reduced weight at the front of the rifle compared to other rifles at the time made easy handling [sic]. While never formally adopted by US forces, a number of them found their way into troops' hands."

— In-game description

The M1941 Johnson is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. Introduced in the 2020 Summer Update, the weapon is a Semi-Auto Rifle used by the Assault kit.

The Johnson features the same 45 - 28 damage model, characterized by a three bodyshot kill potential out to 100m, as several others in the semi-auto rifle category, with its rate of fire of 257 RPM placing it between the slower firing Selbstlader 1916 and the faster Gewehr 43 and Karabin 1938M in terms of time-to-kill. Of all these weapons, the M1941 has the lowest vertical recoil - nearly half that of the Selbstlader 1916 and only slightly above the softest shooting weapons in the category. This greatly helps with consistency at distance, and complements the Johnson's long-range capabilities. Although its ammo pool and magazine size of 10 rounds are considered standard, the Johnson's rotary magazine allows it top be topped up faster at the cost of loading clips slower, having a longer empty reload, and preventing the use of the Detachable Magazines specialization.

Specializations for the M1941 Johnson are the same as the Gewehr 43 but in a revised order, with left side path now consisting of Slings and Swivels, Custom Stock, Lightened Stock and Recoil Buffer, and the right made up of Quick Aim, Barrel Bedding, High Velocity Bullets and Quick Reload. At rank 4, Recoil Buffer lowers the already impressive 1.0 vertical recoil to 0.8, putting it below the default M1 Garand and thus making it the best in its class for control. However, due to the lack of Detachable Magazines and a reload that is slower than its contemporaries in most situations, Quick Reload may also be a final choice compelling choice.