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Overview Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042[]

"Workhorse MBT of the US Military for almost half a century. Armed with a stabilized smoothbore 120mm main gun. 1,500 HP gas turbine engine. "Whispering Death" is still in its prime."

— In-game description

The M1A5 is a vehicle in Battlefield 2042. It is the main battle tank of the USMC faction. Hinted to be the future upgradation of M1 Abrams, the M1A5 confronts the Russian Ground Forces‘s T28 in all maps. As with many ground vehicles, the M1A5 can be requested for call-in, either from the Spawn Screen or while in-field.

It can seat four players. The driver operates a 120mm cannon with one of three available types of ammunition, and a coaxial machine gun. The top gunner can be equipped with one of three heavy weapon systems, including a TOW Missile. The forward gunner operates a weapon pod, and the spotter (commander) operates the Sensor Array and Detection Pulse.

One mechanic brought forward from Battlefield V is limited turret traversal speed. This prevents the heavy turret from being aimed as quickly as a PC player can move their mouse. Compared to tanks of earlier games, this makes a tank more approachable by infantry.

Although the blast radius of shells in 2042 is slightly lower compared to the previous two games in the series, due to the presence of EMKV-90 TOR, the anti-personnel HE Shell (used to be HEAT in previous versions) is still the first choice for MBTs in most cases. Its firing rate and reserve reload speed is faster than the MPAT's, but the anti-armor damage is also correspondingly reduced. 15/19 to MBTs, 13/19 to MAV, and 23/30 to EBAA Wildcat (Ram and Bolte are even weaker). Like the MPAT Shells, HE Shells have a maximum reserve of 5 rounds, and also the slowest turret rotation speed of the three.

For the current version of the game, the STAFF Shell however, does not have an ammunition reserve. After firing, it will start reloading at a speed similar to the HE fire rate, making it the most sustained firepower among the three types of shells. The STAFF Shell itself has the ability to correct trajectory for aiming targets, but it is far from being considered Fire and Forget. In fact, due to the slow projectile velocity of the STAFF Shell, it is very difficult to hit moving targets, with a lot of lead in front required to hit moving targets. It is capable of locking onto enemy vehicles that are laser designated by allies, but this feature is very situational. The STAFF Shell has a damage of 16/21 to MBTs. Overall, it is the least recommended as its anti-infantry damage is comparable to the MPAT.

The Active Protection System works similarly to that of Battlefield 4. An APS device will be added on the turret after selected. When activated, the APS will have a visual effect of green lights on and intercept most of enemy's projectiles for a certain period of time. This does not include APFSDS from EMKV90-TOR or regular projectiles launched from very close range. After running for a while, it will enter a recharge phase where it will have a red light glowing on and off. The APS shares the same slot with Repair System.

As with many ground vehicles, the M1A5 will hold different cannon appearances and turret rotation speeds after selecting different types of ammunition.


Battlefield Portal[]

Two versions of the M1A2 appear in Battlefield Portal, from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 respectively. These two versions are identical in appearance. Both of them can be equipped with an unique skin ("Tusk") in the collection, player will need to complete certain assignments to unlock the skin.

The progress achieved by Portal M1A2 will also be calculated into the base game Mastery of M1A5.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

"The US's Main Battle Tank is equipped with a 120mm smoothbore cannon and a coaxial machine gun for the driver as well as an M2HB for the passenger. It can also deploy smoke to confuse the enemy in those situations when retreat is not an option."

— In-game description

The M1A2 presented in the BC2 Portal has a significant difference from the original installment. The Coax LMG and Zoom Optics no longer exist as Active Packages in Vehicle Specializations, and other different Passive and Active Packages are also shuffled and allocated in two Equipment Slots. However, their effects are still basically the same.

Due to the very small blast radius of the main gun, the profit of Improved Warheads Package is much greater than Quick Reload Package. However, even with this choice, the tank's anti infantry capabilities are still not as good as the IFV's autocannons.

Active Armor Upgrade will attach additional TUSK armor to the sides of the M1A2 chassis.

Perhaps due to the use of the same code, AI Bots may still board the BC2 M1A2 that already has two passengers, resulting an additional spotter and a crew of 3/2, like the one in the BF3 Portal.

Battlefield 3[]

"US's Main Battle Tank. Equipped with a 120mm smoothbore cannon and a coaxial machine gun for the driver as well as an M2HB for the passenger. Can deploy smoke to confuse the enemy in those situations when retreat is not an option."

— In-game description

Due to the high mobility of infantry, it is impractical to abandon coaxial machine guns and choose specialized ammunition.

It is somewhat absurd that both the Driver and the Spotter have access to the Proximity Scan, and their effects are exactly the same. Therefore, it is completely meaningless for players to choose it for the Equipment Slot 2 of M1A2. Unfortunately, for the situations that call-in restriction is active, it would be the default equipment for the tank.

Reactive Armor will attach additional TUSK armor to the sides of the M1A2 chassis.



  • The cannon appearance of M1A5 after selecting STAFF shell appears to be came from Challenger 2's 120mm rifled cannon, while the HEAT Shell appears to be came from Iranian "Karrar".