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Overview Vietnam BC2 BFV

"After entering the war, the U.S. quickly saw a need for developing a flamethrower for infantry use. The end result was a cutting edge design that was extremely reliable and safe, for the user."

— In-game description

The M2 Flamethrower is a gadget featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in Tides of War chapter five, War In The Pacific. It is available as a Battle Pickup, usually near the American deployment.

Once found by a player at a Battle Pickup station, the Flamethrower can be picked up and equipped in Gadget Slot 2, replacing any gadget previously occupying the slot, and allowing it to be switched to at will. When fired, the weapon projects a jet of flame a short distance that is highly damaging to infantry, setting them alight and applying damage over time, as well as being capable of inflicting some damage to vehicles and tanks.

When fired continuously (75 units, or about 6 seconds), the weapon will overheat forcing the user to wait before it can be used again. After prolonged use, the player will have to "reload" the M2 by replacing the weapon's ignition cylinder. As with other gadgets, the player may restock their flamethrower at an Ammo Crate, Supply Station, or Supply Drop.

The player can be harmed by their own flames, and does not gain additional armor as with the Flame Trooper kit from Battlefield 1. Additionally, "Firing" the flamethrower at friendly teammates can interrupt their self healing, This can make it a liability when pushing through bottlenecks.

Since players only drop primary weapons when killed, the flamethrower cannot be taken from a fallen user. The player may, however, retrieve their dropped gadget in exchange for the flamethrower, or pick up a flamethrower dropped in this way. Players can even exchange secondary gadgets across classes using battle pickups.



  • In singleplayer, German Flame Troopers are equipped with a modified director wand based on the Wex but also carry the M2 flamethrower fuel pack.
  • Humorously, Players originally when killed by the M2 would often fly a few dozen metres from where they originally died. This was quickly patched out afterwards.