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The M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a grenade launcher produced by Milkor USA; it is a variant of the original MGL from the South African weapons manufacturer Milkor. It has been adopted by many armed forces worldwide, including the United States Marine Corps.

It was designed as a revolver-type grenade launcher that can fire up to 6 40mm Grenades that can greatly increase the firepower of a small squad compared to single-shot grenade launchers such as the M203. The M32 MGL comes with a proprietary Foregrip and Reflex Sight.

Battlefield Heroes[]

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"This bulky grenade launcher is great for laying down areas of infantry destruction."

— In-Game Description

Battlefield Heroes features two variants of the weapon: M32 MGL and MGL 140 for all kits of the Royal and National Army respectively. The weapon is well-suited for taking out vehicles and enemies behind cover at medium to long ranges. The weapon has a very high spread which can severely affect accuracy over 15 meters.

Several exclusive versions of both weapons are available by purchasing Starter Packs from select retailers. With the exception of the Amazon variant, these variants only differ ascetically and function in the same manner as the normal versions. The Amazon variant has grenades that can be bounced off walls once fired.


M32 MGL[]

MGL 140[]

Battlefield 4[]

The M32 MGL is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


It can be acquired and resupplied by certain gadget crates.


The M32 MGL is available as a Battle Pickup weapon.

It is highly effective against infantry, with its grenades performing similarly to the M320 HE, but with a higher velocity. It is able to kill in one hit from splash damage if it hits close enough to an enemy. It can inflict high damage to any light vehicle or helicopter, with its six-round capacity being more than enough to destroy any light vehicle. It inflicts low damage to any heavy vehicle. However, unloading 12 grenades to the rear of any MBT is enough to destroy it. Players often kill themselves using it at close range, due to the massive splash damage radius and high fire rate. As such, it is better suited for firing down from elevated areas, such as rooftops, or using the scope to barrage targets at long range.

Its scope was formerly non-magnifying, but since the Dragon's Teeth update, provides 3x zoom. The scope has five range lines, each corresponding to 10 meters' range. (i.e., the second line for 20m range, the fifth line for 50m range) The scope is somewhat bulky, and it takes practice to use effectivley at range. 

With the 40MM GRENADES field upgrade for the Assault kit, the ammo the M32 MGL spawns in with is increased from a maximum of 12 grenades to a whopping 30 grenades. 



Battlefield 4[]

  • Even if not all six grenades were fired, the whole load will be ejected from the cylinder and replaced by six new ones.