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"A modernized M14 with match-grade 7.62mm long range ammo. It is significantly lighter than the "OG" M14. Comes standard with an 8x standard Rifle Scope. Semi-automatic fire."

— In-game description

M39 EMR is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042. Originally available in Battlefield Portal for BF3 Recon. As of Escalation season, the weapon is now available to use in the base game by obtains 100 kills with M39 EMR in Portal or DM7 and 10 headshot kills with Marksman Rifle.

For the base game, the functionality of M39 EMR is roughly equivalent to a strengthened DM7. It can achieve a BTK of 2 within 40 meters, while the recoil and firing rate are significantly better than SVK. Plus an Extended Mag with 28 rounds of ammo capacity, indicates that the M39 has a strong mid-range combat capability.


  • The HUD icon for Iron Sights of M39 is same with M1 Garand.
  • The model of M39 EMR uses a Picatinny rail as a part of the Iron Sights, which was unprecedented before and unnecessary in reality.