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The M39 EMR is an unlockable DMR in Battlefield 4. The M39 EMR has the third fastest rate of fire and the second fastest bullet velocity of all the DMRs while still maintaining a sizable magazine, making it a good choice overall. However, its vertical recoil tends to kick harder in exchange for its straighter side-by-side recoil profile.


The M39 EMR can be found in the first campaign mission Baku. It can be found in the second floor of the concrete schoolhouse at the beginning of the mission, after Irish rejoins Tombstone Squad and before Recker is required to use explosives to blow a way out in the basement.

The M39 EMR is found by on the second floor of left side from where the player enters, and can be obtained after clearing out the enemies who attack. The M39 EMR can be picked up from any weapon crate at any time in the game, under the DMR heading. The M39 EMR is always equipped with a Bipod, ACOG (4x), Heavy Barrel, and a Laser Sight. It Sports An Atomic Urban Finish.


The M39 EMR is the third to last DMR to be unlocked with 37,000 DMR score. It unlocks all American optics and attachments through kills, then randomly receives Russian and Chinese attachments through Battlepacks after 160 kills.