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M3 Grant IRL

M3 Grant at the US Army Ordnance Museum

The Medium Tank M3 was an American medium tank used during World War II. In British service, the tank was used a simplified turret design with a six-man crew configuration, and was referred to as the "M3 Grant", named after Union general General Ulysses S. Grant.

The M3 was a rapidly produced tank which stopped the gap between the aging interwar M2 tank and contemporary WWII designs. It first saw action during the North African campaign, where it performed well against early-war Panzers and Italian armour. The M3 boasted two main guns - a 37mm in the turret and a 75mm in a forward sponson of the tank.

Despite the M3's armor and firepower being considered more than adequate in 1942, rapid German tank development led to the Grant being declared obsolete for the European Theater in mid-1943 where it was replaced by the M4 Sherman.

Battlefield 1942[]

"The ARMORED CAR is an infantryman's worst nightmare. A driver-controlled cannon with a cupola-mounted machinegun for anti-air and anti-infantry use makes this two-person vehicle very versatile. The ARMORED CAR cannot go toe-to-toe with other tanks, as its main gun was designed to take out infantry and lightly armored vehicles while its armor cannot withstand the brutal slugging of a tank-battle."

— Tooltip, Armored Car

The M3 Grant appears in Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome as an Armored Car for the Allies, appearing on all maps of the expansion. It features a main tank gun, used by the driver, and an automatic cannon for use by the passenger, both of whom are concealed and immune from direct damage. This autocannon fires quite rapidly and is very accurate, having no spread or recoil. The M3 is an excellent counter to infantry and light vehicles, and other Armored Cars to some extent. Drawbacks include the lack of a coaxial machine gun and the incapability of the driver to turn his turret more than about 45 degrees-- even less than the counterpart Italian tank-- leaving the tank vulnerable to attacks from the flanks.

The M3 Grant is the equivalent of the Italian CA M11/39. It performs mostly the same, except that its secondary gun fires somewhat faster, but each round also damages notably less.