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M3 Grease Gun IRL

The United States Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3, also known as the M3 Grease Gun because of its resemblance to a mechanic's grease applicator, was a weapon used by the United States Military during World War II. Introduced as a lower cost, lighter and quicker to produce replacement for the Thompson submachine gun, it entered frontline service in 1944. The improved M3A1 variant saw use in later conflicts such as the Korean War.

Battlefield V[]

"Light, cheap, and easy to manufacture were the goals when designing this submachine gun. The result ended up being an effective weapon for many years after its initial production."

— In-game description

The M3 Grease Gun is a weapon introduced to Battlefield V in the War in the Pacific Tides of War chapter. It is the reward for completing the twelfth weekly challenges.

Although firing .45ACP like the M1928A1, the weapon features a heavier damage model, highest per shot among the current submachine guns, and is capable of killing in as little as three bodyshots minimum or two headshots. However, damage drops off heavily to four shots after 20m and five out to 30m. Despite this, damage retention at distance is generally better than most other SMGs due to the higher starting damage. The Grease Gun also has the lowest rate of fire in its category, which limits its time to kill at close range but ultimately helps to control the categorically high recoil, and permits easy tap-firing at range in spite of the lack of a fire selector.

As accuracy is shared across all SMGs, the choice of specializations mainly dictates its situational performance. In this regard, the M3 Grease Gun offers Slings and Swivels, Enhanced Grips, Polished Action, and the unique Suppressor attachment on the left path. When applied, this Tier 4 specialization slightly lowers the sound of its report, as well as removing the directional damage indicator that appears on an enemy's screen when hit, without altering the weapon's damage model or muzzle velocity. This unique feature helps to give it an advantage during flanking to offset its otherwise below-to-average stats. This also allows the user to stay undetected in Combined Arms. The right side path includes Quick Aim, Custom Stock, Lightened Stock and Recoil Buffer, the latter of which reduces vertical recoil to 0.584.


BF5 M3 Grease Gun
  • The M3 Grease Gun originally had a conical flash hider as part of its default muzzle customization. This was removed in the 6.2 patch.