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The M416 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


William Dunn wields the M416 in Baku with a ACOG (4x).

It can be unlocked for singleplayer missions by completing the Bronze assignment in Tashgar by scoring 5,000 points. It is fitted with a Reflex, Magnifier, Angled Grip and Heavy Barrel. It features an ERDL Woodland paint.


The M416 is the second Assault Rifle unlocked for the Assault kit, after the SCAR-H and the default AK-12 and AN-94. Much like in Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, it is a very balanced weapon, a middle ground between the other assault rifles, and hence is versatile for many situations.

It has a moderate firerate at 750 RPM, average damage, good accuracy and a quick reload. Its recoil is average, similar to the AK-12 but with a slight rightwards pull. Like the other American and Western European weapons, it unlocks the US attachments. The Chinese and Russian attachments are unlocked through Battlepacks.