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The M4A1 in reality.

The M4 is an AR-15 and M16-based carbine, similar to the CAR-15. It is a shorter and lighter version of the M16A2, with 80% parts commonality with the M16A2. The M4A1 has selective fire options including semi-automatic and full-auto. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round, and is suitable for C.Q.C. The M4 and the M4A1 are used by the US Army and US Marine Corps as a service rifle.

Battlefield 2Edit

"The M4 is a lightweight version of the M16 and fires the same type of ammunition. It has similar handling and accuracy but does less damage. It comes equipped with a red-dot scope."

— In-game description

The M4 is the standard primary weapon in Battlefield 2 and is issued to the USMC's Special Forces kit. The M4 possesses a Red Dot Sight. It is statistically very similar to the other carbines, with a higher recoil than, but identical spread and damage to, the G36C, yet less damage than the AK-74u.


Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

The Colt M4 Carbine is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.


The M4 Carbine is issued to NATO assault-class soldiers during Radio Silence. It has a moderate rate of fire, a 30-round magazine, high damage and good accuracy.

It can kill in a single head shot and is effective as a sharpshooting weapon with its magnified M68 Aimpoint sight. It also has an M203 attached to it, though it is unusable until you unlock it. Blind firing for head shots and the grenade launcher can easily dispose of a large amount of enemies.


The M4 Carbine is issued to the USMC Assault kit and can be used similarly to how it's used in singleplayer.


Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

The M4A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free and is a purchasable elite assault rifle for the Assault Kit. It features high damage and a 26-round magazine. However, the weapon suffers from a decreased range and more moderate recoil, as well as a cost of up to 1249 P4F Funds for unlimited use. The weapon's extra magazine and decent damage make it excel at close-range infantry-based maps like Sharqi and Basra, but it's still efficient on longer range maps like Karkand.


Battlefield 3Edit


"Essentially a shortened version of the M16, the M4A1 Carbine traces its roots to weapons designed for US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) during the Vietnam War. The M4A1 variant is capable of Automatic fire and includes rails that allow the user to equip a large number of accessories. The carbine has seen heavy use at the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan in close quarters and urban environments."

— Battlelog description

The M4A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3. It was first seen in the Fault Line Trailer.


The M4A1 is Blackburn's primary weapon in Operation Swordbreaker and in the second half of Operation Guillotine. It is also Miller's primary weapon in Thunder Run when on foot. Campo uses the M4A1 throughout the campaign. Cole is always equipped with the M4A1. Blackburn, Campo, and Miller have used the M4A1 with a Holographic Sight. Blackburn and Cole have used the M4A1 with an ACOG sight.


The M4A1 is Player 1's primary weapon in Exfiltration. It is also the primary weapon for both players in The Eleventh Hour.


The M4A1 is the default carbine for the United States Marine Corps Engineer kit. It is capable of fully-automatic or semi-automatic fire, has low recoil, making it very accurate at medium and short ranges. It can do a fairly high amount of damage due to its fast firing speed.

The weapon's main strength is its versatility which is due to a combination of its rate of fire, which is one of the fastest of all Carbines, its easily controllable recoil, and extremely fast reload time, the fastest out of the Carbines. However, the M4A1, along with the M4, has the second-highest first shot recoil multiplier at 2.8x, after the A-91, which is helped by using Flash Suppressor. Although it does not reduce first shot recoil, it does reduce horizontal recoil, making sustained tapfiring somewhat easier at medium ranges.

The M4A1 and AKS-74u are the last Engineer unlocks for 145,000 points which allows the player to have the weapon from the other faction, allowing USMC Engineers to use the AKS-74u and Russian Ground Forces Engineers to use the M4A1.

M4 CarbineEdit

"Visually and mechanically similar to the M16, the M4 Carbine was developed to replace pistols and sub-machine guns at the front lines. The M4 is capable Semi-Automatic and 3 Round Burst fire and is equipped with accessory rails for end user customization. The rifle has largely replaced the M16A2 previously in use by the US Marine Corps. "

— Battlelog description.

The M4 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3 and is unlocked upon obtaining a 40,000 Engineer score. It has the same stats as the M4A1, but fires in either three-rounds burst or semi-automatic. After a recent patch, the M4 has the same vertical recoil and less horizontal recoil than the M4A1. The M4 can be used by both factions and share its unlocks with the M4A1.

One thing to notice, is that the M4 has a much tighter bullet spread than its automatic counterpart. While not significantly important within burst fire ranges, it can be useful on larger maps where semi automatic fire can be required. In addition, when a heavy barrel is added, the M4 is the most accurate carbine, beating both the SCAR-H and ACW-R. The M4, along with the M4A1, has the second-highest first shot recoil multiplier at 2.8x, after the A-91, which is helped by using Flash Suppressor. Although it does not reduce first shot recoil, it does reduce horizontal recoil, making sustained tapfiring somewhat easier at medium ranges.


Battlefield 4Edit

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The M4 is an unlockable Carbine in Battlefield 4. Unlike Battlefield 3, only the burst-fire M4 is available, with the fully-automatic M4A1 excluded.


The M4 is unlocked by completing the Bronze assignment in South China Sea by scoring 4000 points. It features a Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake and Ergo Grip. It sports a Worm Naval finish.


The M4 is an unlockable Carbine. Its large right-biased recoil makes the Compensator a strong attachment when firing in bursts. Despite being a burst weapon, the delay is insignificant enough to allow fast, repeated trigger pulls to make it fire in pseudo-auto format; however, there is a very sharp recoil when firing this way. On this weapon, like the M16A4 of Battlefield 4, the first shot recoil multiplier is applied to the end of each burst, allowing for more shots to be on target in each burst, though penalizing rapid refire in all but close range encounters. This "last shot" recoil is, however, negligible in engagements where one needs near-automatic fire.

Another notable difference is that it comes in as-issued dark steel rather than a spray-on desert pattern. Those who feel nostalgic can, however, achieve a similar look with the desert spray finish option.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

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Two variants of the RO933, a version of the M4 manufactured by Colt with a 11.5" barrel, appear in Battlefield Hardline: the Operator exclusive RO933 Carbine and the all class RO933 .300 BLK Assault Rifle.

The semi-automatic RO933 M1 Sniper Rifle is also available for the Professional kit.


"With its rifle-caliber and 11.5" barrel, the RO933 bridges the gap between SMG and assault rifle. This weapon is great in close quarters, but is capable out to medium range."

— In-game description

The RO933 is a carbine featured in Battlefield Hardline, and is the first primary weapon available for use to the Operator kit for both factions. It has a higher rate of fire than the M16A3, at 850 RPM, and is an effective weapon at close and medium ranges, but has considerable drop-off at long range.

The RO933, by default, is equipped with a Micro T1, Stubby Grip, and Flash Hider.


RO933 .300 BLKEdit

The RO933 .300 BLK is an all-class assault rifle introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Blackout expansion. It is unlocked upon completion of the RO933 .300 BLK Assignment.

It is an integrally suppressed version of the RO933, meaning that it has a permanently attached Suppressor in its Barrel customization slot. As well, it fires the heavier .300 Blackout round as opposed to the normal RO933's 5.56 NATO, and is categorized as an assault rifle instead of a carbine.

The .300 BLK is a heavier version of the RO933, doing more damage and having greater range, but with heavier recoil and a slower rate of fire. Due to its suppressor being permanently attached, players will have to use under barrel grips to help compensate for the .300 BLK's heavy recoil as a Muzzle Brake or Compensator cannot be utilized. Unlike the normal carbine, Extended Magazines cannot be used on the .300 BLK.



Battlefield 2Edit

  • If a player uses the console command renderer.drawHud0, the M4's Aimpoint M2 Sight disappears.
  • The model of the M4 has several issues. The lower receiver has printed on it "M16 A2" instead of M4, and the fire selector switch is set to "semi".

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Battlefield 3Edit

  • In the Pre-Alpha stages of Battlefield 3, as seen in the Fault Line trailers, the M4A1's appearance was that of Medal of Honor's M4A1 multiplayer model, which DICE helped develop.
  • In the Pre-Alpha the player pulled the charging handle of the M4A1 rather than hitting the bolt release in the Retail.
  • The M4A1 has Magpul Ranger Plates on the bottom of its STANAG Magazine.
  • The M4A1 reload animation has slightly changed in full release.
  • There was a glitch that, once the M4A1 Russian Acquired version was unlocked, the AKS-74u and M4A1 would stay faction specific and the player would have to keep switching back and forth if they wanted to keep using one or the other. DICE has fixed this bug in the 1.04 patch.
  • While using the M4A1 as a Russian, the meter below the ammo counter doesn't show how far you are from unlocking another attachment. This applies to all faction-specific weapons acquired by the other faction.
  • The M4A1 is actually painted with a tan camouflage in the game. It is noticeable in bright environments, but when there is shade, it looks like the blackish-grey color seen in almost every other picture of it.
  • In Battlefield 3 the M16A3/A4 shares the same RIS as the M4/M4A1.
  • The M4A1 in Battlefield 3 has a Snake design on the magazine well as in the Medal of Honor version, of which DICE helped develop the game's multiplayer.
  • The proficiency dog tag shows the M4A1 with an ACOG and Foregrip equipped.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • Like a few other weapons in the game, the RO933 has a secret reload animation where the character takes out the magazine and a third hand comes from behind with a full magazine, then puts it in with his left hand.[1]
  • The weapon in Hardline is a Colt Model 933, rather than the typical M4 carbine in other games.


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