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"The M4 is a lightweight version of the M16 and fires the same type of ammunition. It has similar handling and accuracy but does less damage. It comes equipped with a red-dot scope."

— In-game description

The M4 is the standard primary weapon in Battlefield 2 and is issued to the USMC's Special Forces kit. The M4 possesses a Red Dot Sight. It is statistically very similar to the other carbines, with a higher recoil than, but identical spread and damage to, the G36C, yet less damage than the AK-74u.



  • If a player uses the console command renderer.drawHud0, the M4's Aimpoint M2 Sight disappears.
  • The model of the M4 has several issues. The lower receiver has printed on it "M16 A2" instead of M4, and the fire selector switch is set to "semi".