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The M4 is an unlockable Carbine in Battlefield 4. Unlike Battlefield 3, only the burst-fire M4 is available, with the fully-automatic M4A1 excluded.


The M4 is unlocked by completing the Bronze assignment in South China Sea by scoring 4000 points. It features a Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake and Ergo Grip. It sports a Worm Naval finish.


The M4 is an unlockable Carbine. Its large right-biased recoil makes the Compensator a strong attachment when firing in bursts. Despite being a burst weapon, the delay is insignificant enough to allow fast, repeated trigger pulls to make it fire in pseudo-auto format; however, there is a very sharp recoil when firing this way. On this weapon, like the M16A4 of Battlefield 4, the first shot recoil multiplier is applied to the end of each burst, allowing for more shots to be on target in each burst, though penalizing rapid refire in all but close range encounters. This "last shot" recoil is, however, negligible in engagements where one needs near-automatic fire.

Another notable difference is that it comes in as-issued dark steel rather than a spray-on desert pattern. Those who feel nostalgic can, however, achieve a similar look with the desert spray finish option.



  • The game files refer to the M4 as the fully-automatic M4A1 variant.
  • The M4 and the M16A4 share these markings:
    • "S1192 SWE" below the rear sight.
    • "U.S ARMY" is written on the side of the rear sight.