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The M79 in reality.

The M79, also known as the "Thumper" or "Bloop Tube" for its distinctive firing sound, is an American 40mm shoulder-fired grenade launcher designed by the Springfield Armory in 1960. It was widely used during the Vietnam conflict, although quickly replaced by the M203 in later years. During its time in service, there was an average of one M79 for every ten man squad.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The M79 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam, issued to the American Heavy Assault kit. It has a single round per reload and has 5 grenades in reserve. It is mainly a weapon for anti-infantry purposes, but it can also be used to some effect against light vehicles and even tanks.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

"A 40mm grenade launcher, called "Thumper" or "Bloop tube" by soldiers due to its distinct firing sound. It increases the firepower of infantrymen by allowing them to fire accurate, high explosive projectiles."

— In-game description

The M79 is a gadget featured in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion, issued to the Assault kit. It is the equivalent of the 40mm Grenade from the base game. Like the Battlefield Vietnam variant, it has a yellow striped camouflage.

The M79, compared to the 40mm Grenade Launchers from the base game, is more difficult to use effectively due to the ineffective iron-sights. On the positive side, the M79 is quieter than the 40mm Grenade Launchers, and has a faster reload time as well.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

"This surplus grenade launcher was probably not obtained through legal channels. A breach-loading launcher, it fires a 40mm high explosive grenade that is effective against light vehicles."

— EB Expo build description

The M79 is a grenade launcher featured in Battlefield Hardline. The launcher is a gadget issued to the Criminal Mechanic to deal with hostile light vehicles. The Law Enforcement equivalent is the M320.

Similar to the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion counterpart, the M79 and M320 have effectively replaced shouldered-fired rockets as a primary source of anti-vehicle and personnel weapontry.

The M79 typically takes two to three direct hits in order to destroy most vehicles. Since Battlefield Hardline features a less amount of destructible structures and objects, the M320 is less effective at destruction as a result. It also requires a direct hit on personnel in order to effectively neutralize them.


  • The tiger-stripe camouflage pattern featured on the M79 is a reference to the Vietnam war movie, Apocalypse Now.
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