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The subject of this article, M82A1, has been cut from the final version of Battlefield 2.

The M82A1 is a weapon which was cut midway through Battlefield 2's development. It was intended to be the first tier unlock for the Sniper kit before it was replaced by the similar M95. It is still present in the game files in an incomplete state in the retail version of Battlefield 2. It has a different texture sheet and animations than the M95. In addition, the horizontal line on its scope is shorter on both sides. Its file directories lack the "sounds" and "ai" files of the other weapons, but it does have its animations and meshes.

One can use the M82A1 by modifying the game kit weapons in the files. Unlike all other handheld weapons in BF2, the M82A1 can only be fired prone due to it having 1. Its rate of fire of 450 RPM is slower than the SVD or Type 88.

Performance wise, the weapon itself uses the same material type as the M95, allowing it to pierce bulletproof glass. Its spread will always be very low due to only being able to use it in prone. When firing while aiming down sights, the weapon will automatically unzoom similar to other bolt-action rifles. Damage wise, it is always a three shot kill regardless of if the user is using body armor or not, with a headshot being one shot kill. Strangely enough, it has a damage drop-off stat unlike any of the sniper rifles.

On the BFHQ screen, its title is "M95" and its description is that of the Jackhammer.